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Burak Dakak is one of the best Turkish actors who has the knowledge of the acting and is also performs some theaters. Burak Dakak gas the best fan following. Burak Dakak also played a different and versatile role in drama, series, and films. Burak Dakak was most known as for The Pit, Ertugral, and Ezel dramas.

Turkish Industry is also one of the most famous Industries, and this Industry has the most talented and experienced actors and actress, and Burak Dakak is one of them. Burak Dakak plays very famous roles, and he is also famous in his fan followings of social media.

Burak Dakak

Burak Dakak

Burak Dakak is the star that most of the people known for that well-known series that released in 2016, and the name of series were Muhtesem Yuzyil.

About Burak Dakak:

Burak Dakak was born on 18th June in 1998. Burak Dakak started his acting life with the role of Servet in the series of Dogruluk Elseni. Burak Dakak also appeared as a young mert in Ezel.

Most people like Burak Dakak’s work as he has the potential to perform any role. Burak Dakak also likes to play different categories of roles. So that is why he played as a child’s role in his starting of career.

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Real NameBurak Dakak
Debut2008 (at the age of 10 years with the role of Servet in Dogruluk Ekseni)
Date of Birth18 June 1998
HeightNot known
SpouseNot known
HobbiesSwimming and Singing
EducationBahceshir University, Istanbul

Burak Dakak made his debut in his child’s age in 2008; he also took the several parts in various Turkish new scripts containing the Ezel, the outsiders, magnificent and resurrection Ertugral.

Burak Dakak also used social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Burak Dakak is very young, so he has lots of fans following, especially girls.

Personal life of Burak Dakak: 

Burak Dakak is currently single. Burak Dakak likes to keep his life more personal, but when he attends any of the interviews with media or when he attends any TV show, he normally talks about his personal life.

Burak Dakak said that he likes to keep his private life private when the right time comes, and he will announce his love life. In one interview, he said that he’s now focusing on his work and decides the plans of dating and marriages after that. In the historical drama Muhtesem Yuzyil, Burak Dakak also perform the supporting role with the stress Beren Saat and actor Ekin Koc.

In the interview, Burak Dakak said that different roles teach me the qualities of the actors, which helps me perform well. So Burak Dakak accepts the scripts only if he is 100% sure about the role.

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As you get this information, you will get to know about Burak Dakak and play the most beautiful roles in different movies. Burak Dakak was best for his dramas, and he is currently also busy shooting in his upcoming dramas. So this information helps you to get details of Burak Dakak.

As in the Celebrity trend nowadays, Burak Dakak is one of the famous Turkish actors. In most of the TV series and dramas, Burak Dakak played the lead role.