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Bhagat Singh,the great was born in Panjab, India. Bhagat Singh was from a Sikh family, which was deeply involved in political programs and activities.

Bhagat Singh quit Scholl at the age of 13 to devote to his whole life to Indian Independence; Bhagat Singh was found guilty of killing a British Police Officer. Bhagat Singh was one of the best fighters who fought against the British government.

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh

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He was an Indian socialist, as well as revolutionary also. Bhagat Singh was involved in being one of the great revolutionaries of the Independence acts and movements.

His father’s name was Kishan Sing, and Kishan Sing was also part of the Indian Independence. The whole Singh family was steeped in Independence of India and its programs and movements.

Real NameBhagat Singh
Known AsFreedom Fighter
Famous ForHis Revolutionary Character
Date of BirthSeptember 1907
Birth PlaceChak No 105 GB,Banga,Jaranwala,
Lyallpur, Punjab,
Home townChak No 105 GB,Banga,Jaranwala,
Lyallpur, Punjab,
EducationDayanand Anglo Vedic High School,National College Lahore
ParentsKisan Singh,Vidyavati
Died23 March 1931
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Bhagat Singh’s father was a great supporter of Mahatma Gandhi. When Bhagat Singh was only 13 years old, he was well known for his familiar as he is known for about his families’ involvement with the programs and the movement.

When Mahatma Gandhi decided for boycotting, Bhagat Singh enrolled at the College at Lahore. In that college, Bhagat Singh had to study the European revolutionary programs and acts.

In 1926, Bhagat Singh founded the group called the youth society of India, and then he joined the associations. In this association, Bhagat Singh met several revolutionizes again. After one year, Bhagat Singh’s parents planned for his marriage, Bhagat Singh not only rejected the offer but as well as left the college.

As time went, Bhagat Singh became the person who was interested in police, also in 1927 he was arrested for his involvement in the bombing. But Bhagat Singh was released in several weeks, and then again, he started to write the different revolutionary newspapers.

In 1928 the British government started the Simon commission for gathering the autonomy and discuss the autonomy for Indian Citizens. At that time, most of the Indian political organizations try to boycott the event, and the reason was those commissions don’t have any of the Indian people.

The different actions and the activities of the young revolutionaries were soundly condemned with the followers of the Mahatma Gandhi. At that time, Bhagat Singh was interested in having the stage on which he could promote his causes.

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Bhagat Singh was also offered the no defense for the trials but the proceedings which have the rants of the political dogma against arresting him.

After that incident, Bhagat Singh was guilty and sentenced for life in prison. In that period, the police also got a clue about the connection between Bhagat Singh and the murder of Officers; then, he was arrested. But he was executed on 13th March in 1931.


With the help of this information, you will get the little details about the Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh was one of the brave Indian fighters who gave up his life to get the Independence.

You will get the details about the revolutionary movement and programs also in this information.

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