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Albert Einstein – Albert Einstein was one of the great scientists. Albert Einstein was born on 14th March in Germany. He was the most intelligent and most famous scientists of the 20th century. The work of Albert Einstein helps astronomers to study everything from the waves of gravity to the orbits.

After the birth of Albert Einstein, his parents moved to another place with him. Albert Einstein’s father ran the electrochemical factory, and the mother of Albert Einstein was the housewife and took care of his and his sister.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

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He was a mathematician and physicist, Albert Einstein also developed the theories of relativity. Albert Einstein also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1921, for his physics theory explains the photoelectric effect.

Besides the theories, Albert Einstein has also had a passion for music, like classical music, and he likes to play the violin.

Real NameAlbert Einstein
Full NameAlbert Einstein
Known forThe Theory of Relativity &
Famous asTheoretical Physicist
Profession1905-Clerk at Patent Office,
Personal Information
Date of Birth14 March 1879
Birth PlaceUlm,
EducationPh.D (University of Zurich)
SchoolingLuitpold Gymnasium in Munich
CollegeSwiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
AwardsNoble Prize in Physics in 1921, Copley Medal of the Royal Society of London in 1925, The Franklin Medal of the Franklin Institute in 1935
FatherHermann Einstein
SpouseMileva (1903-1919)
Elsa (1919-1936)
ChildrenEduard,Hans Albert,Lieserl
Died18 April 1955
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The work of Albert Einstein also had a major impact on the development of atomic energy, and he most likely focused on the unified theory. Albert Einstein was more focused on mathematics and equations of Maths.

Albert Einstein was an influential physicist because he was very passionate about physics and the theories that he was working on.

Albert Einstein’s career made him for teaching in multiple countries. In 1905 Albert Einstein earned a doctorate from Zurich University, and then he took a professor’s position at that University.

After that, Albert Einstein moved Berlin to become the director of the Institute of Perman Wilhelm physics as well as the professor at the Berlin University.

Because of Adolf Hitler was trying to spread his party to Germany with his army, Albert Einstein lived in Germany until 1933. After that, Albert Einstein went to the US and became a professor at the Princeton of theoretical physics subject. Albert Einstein taught in that University near about five years, and then he retired.

Albert Einstein also invented the most famous equation, E = mc2, where c was the constant speed of the light. Albert Einstein also wrote some of his notes about the different theories and math equations.

In the last years of Albert Einstein’s life, he continued his quest for different theories. After some time he also published various theories that he explained in the Scientific American 1950, one of his famous theory remain unfinished when he died.

Like most of the scientists, Albert Einstein’s many theories and the reputation of physics remained an untraveled and mystery.

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Albert Einstein never stopped learning; Few hours before his death, he was trying to solve a mathematical equation.


He was the best scientist and professor we ever had, and, even in today’s era, his theories also studied, and his theories also help today’s scientists.

Albert Einstein was best about his physics theories, and his entire life, he was learned something new about physics and also proved the different theories and published those theories.