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Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest scientists of his time. He wrote some unique books. He was a theoretical physicist as well as a cosmologist.
He explained the device of the cosmology and the general theory of relativity, as well as the theory of the quantum mechanisms.
Stephen Hawking was a huge contributor to understand the theory of the parallel world and black holes.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking: Personal life:

Real NameStephen William Hawking
Known forHis thesis and theories
Date of Birth8 January 1942
BirthplaceOxford UK
SpouseJane Wilde,
Elaine Mason
ChildrenLucy, Robert, and Timothy Hawking
Died14 March 2018
Resting PlaceWestminster Abbey

Stephen was born in Oxford UK during World War II on 8th January in 1942, the eldest of four children to parents Dr Frank Hawking and Eileen Isobel Hawking.

His full name was Stephen William Hawking. 

Stephen Hawking married his lover, Jane Wilde in 1965, she was the language student, and this couple has three children’s, named as Lucy, Robert, and Timothy. Jane Wilde was divorced in 1995.

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His second marriage was with Elaine Mason in 1995, who was her nurse. She was divorced in 2007.

Since 1986, Stephen Hawking was using the adaptive system of communication, which contains the synthesizer’s speech.

Since 2009, Stephen Hawking was completely paralyzed.

 In 2018, on 14 March, Stephen Hawking died at Cambridge UK, and when he was 76 years old. 

Stephen Hawking: Family

Stephen hawking’s father’s name was frank Hawking, an English biologist at that time, and his mother’s name was Isobel walker who was Scottish philosophy, Politics graduate.

Stephen Hawking has two younger sisters, 

Later this family adopted a brother. 

Stephen Hawking: Education & Qualification 


He wanted to read mathematics, but his father forced him to opt medicine for lake of jobs. After a long discussion, they compromised on Natural Science and In 1959, at the age of 17, Stephen Hawking went up to Oxford. 

In 1962, at age 20, he went to Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

In 1965, Stephen received his Ph.D for his thesis entitled ‘Properties of Expanding Universes.

This thesis was released in 2017 on the University of Cambridge’s website, causing the site to crash almost immediately due to the extraordinarily high demand.

Unfortunately, at the age of 21, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS. ALS is nothing but the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis that is the motor neuron disease. In ALS, the nerves that control the muscles become inactive.

When the doctors get to know about Stephen Hawking’s health, they were expected to die within two years.

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Stephen Hawking: Achievements and Awards

Stephen Hawking was known for his limited union between two different fields: the general theory of Albert Einstein and relativity and quantum theory. 

He was the companion of Honor in 1989. 

Stephen Hawking was a professor at the University of Cambridge’s where he taught Mathematics for 20 to 24 years.

Stephen Hawking was the most talented person as he also gave the lectures to the universities.

 He also wrote some excellent books.

Stephen Hawking was also awarded in the year of 1982 by CBE.



Stephen Hawking was a great scientist, and he believed in the black hole and the book of similar words also.

As getting this information, you will get the basic information of Stephen Hawking. This information will help you to get Stephen Hawking’s personal and educations details also.

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