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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa – Mother Teresa was a Nun, and she also was known as the missionary, Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was a Catholic Church saint in the Calcutta, and she was an Albanian- Indian Roman Catholic nun.

The birth date of Teresa was 26th August in the year 1910, and the birthplace was Skopje. Mother Teresa died on 5th September 1997 in Kolkata. Mother Teresa died because of heart failure.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa came to India when she went to join her sisters of Loretto institute and the six weeks letter she came to India.

Mother Teresa was famous for the humble and nice attitude towards the children, and she also tries to help the homeless and poor people of Calcutta.

Mother Teresa feels happy to help needy people, and she also took the responsibility to take care of the children who are homeless and who don’t have the parents.

Mother Teresa also got Indian Citizenship in 1951, and in Calcutta, she lived as a saint with other nurses. Mother Teresa was a normal and very polite person, and that’s why children also love her.

Real NameMary Teresa Bojaxhiu
Famous ForMother Teresa
Date of Birth26th August 1910
BirthplaceSkopje, North Macedonia
ParentsNikolle & Dranafile Bojaxhiu
AwardsNoble Peace Prize, Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize,
NationalityIndian since 1951
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Feast Day5 Seppetember
Died5th September 1997 in Kolkata

Her orders:

When Mother Teresa arrives in India, then she started by working as a teacher, and then she impressed by the widespread poverty of Calcutta. Then she started to develop the new order and that order called The Missionaries of Charity, and the main focusing point of this order is to look the people and then take care of them by helping them.

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Mother Teresa knows that helping and serving food to needy people. Mother Teresa also get experience when she was living in Calcutta. When partition was India done, then Mother Teresa left the convent and started to live in the poor comity of Calcutta.

She started to wear white sari, and this sari has a blue colored border. Mother Teresa survived for many years by getting minimum income and minimum food. But after sometimes her all efforts and all kinds of her help towards the poor people were appreciated and noted by the local community and Politics of India.

Awards of Mother Teresa:

Mother Teresa was awarded by the Nobel Peace Prize only for her work and the overall efforts and struggle she takes to help the needy people. After so many years, she was much more active in her work.

Mother Teresa also wins several awards, such as the Kennedy prize, The Nehru Prize, the first pop John Prize, etc. Mother Teresa wins different prizes for her best work.

Social Service:

Mother Teresa also opened her home for the needy and homeless people, and she also allowed the people who are in bad conditions as he helped them to live peacefully. Some of them need medical treatments, and she helped them with all the medications.

There are some good books written on the life of Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa also writes the thoughts about Jesus.


Mother Teresa was a nice and kind human being who helped all kinds of people. She has been a very proud role model.

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