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Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the full name of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian Lawyer. Mahatma Gandhi was also anti-colonial nationalist. He was political ethicist also who handles all the movements under the congress party.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi employed the resistance to start the successful group and campaign for India. The birthdate of Mahatma Gandhi was 2nd October 1869, and his birthplace was Porbandar. Mahatma Gandhi’s spouse’s name was Kasturba Gandhi.

Education of Mahatma Gandhi:

The educational details about Mahatma Gandhi were the laws that contains the faculties. He studied laws and also develop the boycotts against the British companies and other institutions in the forms of civilizations disobedience.

As he was more interesting in doctorate, his father also hoped that he become the minister of government. But in 1888, Mahatma Gandhi was 18 years old, then he sailed to London, then again in England to study laws.

In Mahatma Gandhi’s educational period he struggled a lot as he had to match with the Western and new Culture.

Movements of Mahatma Gandhi:

There are several of the camping and group movements organized and ruled by the Mahatma Gandhi such as the Champaran Movement was done in 1917, Kheda movement was done in 1918, etc.

Some facts about his such as Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is a national holiday in India. He died at the 78 age in New Delhi by gunshot. He’s other names as Bapu Ji, M.K.Gandhi.

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In the year 1931, when the British government and authorities made different concessions then Mahatma Gandhi again organized a resistance movement and then the congress party agreed at the round Table Conference. The table Conference was done in London.

In 1934, Mahatma Gandhi decided to take a retirement from politics and all the groups against the British Government. After that, he was starting to focus on working and developing rural communities.

After World War II he again took the all-over control of the INC. The labor organization which is taken in the year of 1947 in Britain, all of the negotiations over the Indian home rule.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Religion and Beliefs:

Mahatma Gandhi was Indian and his religion was Hindu god Vishnu and he also following Jainism. He also took morally ancient Indian religion also he was non-violence, took fasting, meditations and vegetarianism.

When Mahatma Gandhi was in South Africa Mahatma Gandhi continued his study of religions. Mahatma Gandhi immersed himself in search of Hindu texts and he took a simple life, fasting, and other things.

Mahatma Gandhi became a leading role in the Indian home rule movement, he also urged with the British government officials and students stop to attend the government schools, as well as many of soldiers, leave their posts.

Mahatma Gandhi also started to use a portable spinning wheel to produce his simple clothes. Now the spinning wheel becomes a symbol of Indian Independence and self- resistance.

Real NameMohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Famous AsBapu
Known forNonviolent Independence Movement
Date of Birth2 October 1869
ResidenceGnadhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
ParentsKaramchand Gandhi,Putlibai Gandhi
SonsHarilal,Manilal,Ramdas, Devdas
WifeKasturba Gandhi
Died30 January 1948
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By reading this information you get the details and basic information about Mahatma Gandhi. You also get the movements that he conducted.

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