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Athi Varadar is an Idol who just gives darshan once in 40 years from July 1to August 18, 2019. Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is murmuring with a major number of aficionados from everywhere throughout the globe for Sri Athi Varadar’s darshan, the Idol who gives darshan so to speak on one event in 40 years.

Athi Varadar

Athi Varadar

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Age of Athi Varadar:

Athi Varadar is a religious Hindu festival that happens once in 40 years. The divinity statue, delivered from the fig tree, is commonly held in the sanctuary tank at Kancheepuram’s Varadaraja Perumal sanctuary. It is expelled once like clockwork and held for 48 days for aficionados to come and give supplications.

About Lord Varadaraja:

Varadaraja Perumal Temple or Hastagiri or Attiyuran is a Hindu sanctuary devoted to the Lord Vishnu in Kanchipuram Holy City, state of Tamil Nadu, India.


For the individuals who have been willfully ignorant of the starting point of Athi Varadar, this is what the celebration is about. There are numerous legends and tales about the sources of Athi Varadar, yet while that is another story, until further notice, this icon is respected to be the sanctuary’s underlying symbol.

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So as to keep up it secure from trespassers, it was stowed away in the sanctuary tank, and a lot later, as a custom, the symbol love began once in at regular intervals.

Why Athi Varadar coming out?

Due to the Muslim assault, the Athi Varadar vigraha was immersed inside the holy pushkarani of the temple mysteriously and the truth was acknowledged only to a single-family. For 40 long years, the temple had no Idol for worshiping thus there was no puja happening in the temple.

Why Athi Varadar is kept underwater?

“Athi Varadar” signifies “Varadar” made of Athi wood. It appears that this sanctuary Perumal got this particular name “Varadar”, which means aid conceding individual.

Also, after this period it is eventually kept inside the Silver crate, and it is submerged inside the Temple Tank water for an additional 40 years.

Dates when Athi Varadar brought up:

Coming up next is the past two progressive 40 years: a) 1939, b) 1979.

In this year 2019, during the brahmotsavam, the sanctuary experts will settle on what date “Athi Varadar” ought to be raised outside the sanctuary tank.


Arranged about 5km from Kanchipuram town in Little Kanchi is the colossal sanctuary of Devaraja Perumal or Varadaraja Perumal.


Each Friday, the partner of the Supreme Lord, Perundevi Thaayar, goes out on a parade inside the prakaram. She doesn’t leave the sanctuary premises.

The 10-day Brahmotsavam during the long stretch of Vaikashi is commended with incredible bliss and plushness. This extraordinary sanctuary has some celebration consistently and the Garuda vahana of this sanctuary is critical.

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Athi Varadar Wikipedia

Athi Varadar Wikipedia


Here, we examined about Athi Varadar alongside the subtleties. Raising of Athi Varadar is an extraordinary celebration occasion that happens like clockwork. Athi Varadar Wikipedia