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Erkenci Kus

Erkenci Kus – Erkenci Kus is one of the best Turkish TV series. Erkenci Kus series is now available for Netflix and MX player also. Erkenci Kus TV series is based on the romantic couple.

Erkenci Kus

Erkenci Kus

Erkenci Kus series’ first episode is released on the 26th of June in 2018 and the very last episode of this series is released on 6th August 2019. This series one of the best series as it has 7.3 ratings on the IMDB and the Google there are 96% of peoples likes this series.


The storyline of this series is a young girl who wants to become a writer and she has been forced by her parents to do arrange marriages or do the proper job. After some days she finds a new job at the advertising company. After that, she starts to fall in love with her boss Jan.

This is the short storyline about the Erkenci Kus series. The cast of the Erkenci Kus drama is the best as they work together. The main role cast is Can Yaman, Demet OZdemir, etc. By casting them as the main leading role the director of the Erkenci Kus series is quite happy.

You will get all episodes of this series on the Turkish TV or Netflix. They also dubbed this drama in English and Hindi language.

About Season:

As now only season 1 is released but the directors of Erkenci Kus planning to shoot the second season also as the first season gets the most successful reviews. In the IMDB most of the viewers also posted the positive comments of the Erkenci Kus drama.

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All the cast, other members, songs, storyline, starting, and ending plot of this drama was best. Nowadays most Turkish dramas are available on Netflix. Erkenci Kus series has the other international followers also as they cast a very charming hero for the main role.


This drama has some nominations also. This drama is one of the best romantic and comedy-drama. Each episode is 1 hour’s episode.

On Instagram, you will also get the short videos of this series and you can get the Turkish community to join and get the latest update of the Turkish TV series.

You will also get more information about this drama on Google. This series can play the role of a very nice and young boy who is more interested in nature and his main focus is on sports and photography. This role can take more effort as this role is very opposite to his lifestyle and he also learns lots of new things while shooting.

This is the best series of the can and he gets much popularity because of this series and he gets famous. Now he is busy with the shooting of his new series and movies.


Erkenci Kus is the best series you ever watch. After sometimes you will also get included with this series as it is beautiful and the storyline is also good. so make sure that you watch this drama at least for one time.

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