Antra Singh Priyanka (Bhojpuri Singer) Biography, Age, Wiki, Family


Antra Singh Priyanka, an Indian playback singer, has made significant contributions to the Bhojpuri music industry. Known for her powerful performances and deep voice, she has garnered a large fan base. This article provides an in-depth analysis of Antra Singh Priyanka’s life and career, covering her early years, rise to fame, popular songs, collaborations, personal life, achievements, and controversies.

Antra Singh Priyanka

Early Years

Antra Singh Priyanka was born and raised in Bihar, India, in a small town. From a young age, she developed a love for music and actively participated in singing and cultural competitions in her community. Her exceptional singing abilities quickly gained recognition, capturing the interest of music enthusiasts.

Musical Journey

Antra Singh Priyanka’s musical career is rooted in her passion for folk and traditional Bhojpuri music. She began her career by performing at public and private events. With her melodious voice and ability to captivate the audience, she rapidly gained popularity among listeners. Over time, she experimented with various musical genres and styles, expanding her repertoire.

Rise to Fame

Antra Singh Priyanka’s rise to fame can be attributed to her breakthrough performance in a Bhojpuri music album. Her captivating singing style and pleasing voice quickly established her as a well-known figure in the Bhojpuri film industry. As her songs started dominating the music charts, she became recognized as one of the leading female vocalists in the industry.

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Popular Songs

Throughout her career, Antra Singh Priyanka has released numerous popular songs. Some of her notable tracks include “Luliya Ka Mangele,” “Saiyaan Ji Dagabaaz,” “Kahaniya Khatarnak,” and “Bhatar Katani.” These songs have accumulated millions of views on various music platforms, and her enchanting voice has become synonymous with Bhojpuri music.


In addition to her solo endeavors, Antra Singh Priyanka has collaborated with renowned musicians in the Bhojpuri music industry. She has lent her voice to duets and participated in captivating musical collaborations. These collaborations have not only expanded her audience but also allowed her to explore different musical styles.

Personal Life

Antra Singh Priyanka prefers to keep her personal life private. While little is known about her personal matters, she maintains a low profile and focuses on advancing her musical career. Her dedication to her work and love for music are widely acknowledged, despite the limited information available about her personal life.

Social Media Presence

Antra Singh Priyanka recognizes the importance of staying connected with her fans and embracing technology. She actively engages with her fans through various social media platforms, sharing updates about her music, live performances, and personal life. Her strong social media presence allows her followers to interact with her and stay updated on her latest endeavors.

Success and Recognition

Antra Singh Priyanka’s talent and contributions to the music industry have earned her numerous accolades. She has been recognized with several awards, including the Best Female Playback Singer at the Bhojpuri Film Awards. These achievements serve as a testament to her talent and dedication.

Future Projects

Antra Singh Priyanka’s musical journey continues with exciting projects on the horizon. She is collaborating with renowned musicians and preparing for the release of new songs and music videos. Her fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming projects, expecting more soul-stirring melodies from the talented vocalist.

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Impact and Influence

Antra Singh Priyanka’s impact on the Bhojpuri music industry cannot be overstated. She has brought a fresh and contemporary perspective to traditional Bhojpuri music, attracting a younger audience while preserving the cultural origins of the genre. Through her passionate renditions and captivating performances, she has left an indelible mark on the industry and inspired aspiring singers.

Fanbase and Support

Antra Singh Priyanka enjoys tremendous support from her dedicated fanbase, affectionately known as “Antraiyas.” Her brilliance, charm, and approachable personality have captivated her followers. They actively attend her performances, follow her on social media, and eagerly await her album releases. Antra Singh Priyanka’s fans have played a significant role in her success throughout her musical career.

Criticism and Controversies

Like any public figure, Antra Singh Priyanka has faced criticism and controversies. However, she has gracefully navigated through these challenges, focusing on her music and allowing her work to speak for itself. Her expertise and commitment to her craft have helped her overcome obstacles and maintain her position as one of the leading voices in the Bhojpuri music industry.


Antra Singh Priyanka’s remarkable journey from a small town in Bihar to becoming a renowned playback singer in the Bhojpuri music industry is a testament to her passion, talent, and determination. With her enchanting voice and captivating performances, she has won the hearts of millions of music enthusiasts. Her continued contributions to the industry, coupled with her growing popularity and fan base, indicate a promising future.


Q1: How did Antra Singh Priyanka enter the music industry?

Antra Singh Priyanka began her musical career by participating in local talent shows and cultural events. Her talent and dedication paved the way for her entry into the music industry.

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Q2: Which of Antra Singh Priyanka’s songs are most well-known?

Some of Antra Singh Priyanka’s popular songs include “Luliya Ka Mangele,” “Saiyaan Ji Dagabaaz,” “Kahaniya Khatarnak,” and “Bhatar Katani.”

Q3: Does Antra Singh Priyanka have any upcoming projects?

Yes, Antra Singh Priyanka is working on exciting projects, including collaborations with renowned musicians and the release of new songs and music videos.

Q4: Why is Antra Singh Priyanka’s fanbase significant?

Antra Singh Priyanka’s fanbase, known as “Antraiyas,” plays a crucial role in her success. They actively support and engage with her, attending her performances and eagerly anticipating her releases.

Q5: How has Antra Singh Priyanka influenced the Bhojpuri music industry?

Antra Singh Priyanka has brought a contemporary and original perspective to traditional Bhojpuri music, attracting a younger audience while preserving the cultural roots of the genre.