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MYCCI Login: This is a college website of Community College of Rhode Island. So many of the student searching and try to find their login page. So that they can log in and check their important things related to study.

For that, you simply need to create your account first. Once you have created the account now you will have an ID number, after that, you will need CCRI ID. Which you can find online.




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Once you have entered all this information, you need to enter your date of birth. After that, you need to Look Up by clicking on it. Now you will need CCRI account username, email address, id number.

Btw, the default password is first 3 letters of the username followed by an underscore and last 4 numbers of the CCRI ID number (Jdo_1234)

Since the website and domain name is changed, people get confused. Which is now

As well as you are always free to ask the question to them by calling on 825- 1112. In case, you still don’t have CCRI account, let me help you with it.

New or returning CCRI students, first you need to enter your 9 digit social security number and date of birth. Once it’s done. You can use the CCRI account username and email address.

I guess it will not take more than 60 minutes for the process. The default password is the first 3 letters of the username (the first letter Capitalized) followed by an underscore (_) and the last 4 numbers of the CCRI ID number (for example Jdo_1234).

Once everything is done, do change the password.

To change the password here is the step by step guide, you just need to go to your CCRI account password management tool option.

  • Click Change password
  • Enter your CCRI Account username and current password
  • Enter your new password and verify the password
  • Click Change password button

Kindly mention, it’s up to the given terms. That’s it. Now you can use the CCRI website. (Tags: MYCCI Login)



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