Top Tiktok Starrer Songs [RIP tiktok India] Top Songs Picturised on the tiktok stars

Top Tiktok Starrer Songs 2023: The honorable Government of India has decided to block some of 59 mobile apps including tiktok. Tiktok has given some shining stars who made their places in the hearts of their lovers and followers. These stars have not such big names, but their arts got acknowledged by the film world. Here, in this short article, we have collected some melodious songs that these TikTok stars acted. The unique thing of these is that these songs have a freshness which you will feel while watching them.

Jannat Zubair
Jannat Zubair

Nobody knows when will the government allow Tiktok users to enjoy this app and nobody knows when will your loving tiktok stars appear before you.These songs will help you to remind them. Take a look at the top most popular songs picturised on the famous Indian tiktok stars. Check these songs and feel enjoy.

#01-Jannat Zubair Rehmani And Sidhartha Nigam

#02-Manjul Khattar And Ritika (Rits) Badiani: Awara Sham he

#03-Faisal Sheikh And Jannat Zubair Rehmani: Maine to Fruiti Lag Di He

#04-Rits Badiani And Manjul Khattar: Mujhe Kaise Pata Na Chala

#05-Gima Ashi And Sumneet

#06-Jannat Zubair Rehmani And Millind Gaba

Ishq Farzi

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This beautiful melody is sung by Jannat Zubair in her innocent voice.

This is what we have collected so far, our team is working for next update and as soon as possible we will add some more melodious songs in this list.

Hope you would enjoy it. If you felt some problem and issue please inform us. We will solve it.

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