Chennai to Polur TNSTC Bus Timings


Planning a trip from Chennai to Polur? Look no further! In this article, we provide you with all the essential information about TNSTC bus timings, duration, starting point, and destination for your journey. Whether you’re a tourist or a local resident, knowing the Chennai to Polur bus timings can help you plan your travel efficiently. Read on to discover the convenient and hassle-free TNSTC bus options for your trip from Chennai to Polur.

  1. TNSTC Bus Timings from Chennai to Polur:
    Below are the TNSTC bus timings for buses departing from Chennai to Polur:

Departure Time Duration Starting Point Destination
0:00 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
7:00 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
8:20 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
9:45 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
11:15 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
12:15 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
13:30 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
14:00 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
14:45 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
19:00 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
21:00 4.25hrs Chennai Polur
23:00 4.25hrs Chennai Polur

Please note that these timings are subject to change. It is recommended to double-check the schedule with the concerned authorities or use reliable travel apps for real-time updates.

Duration of the Journey:
The distance between Chennai and Polur is approximately 170 kilometers. The TNSTC bus typically takes around 4.25 hours to complete the journey. Keep in mind that travel duration may vary due to traffic conditions, weather, and other factors.

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Starting Point: Chennai Bus Stand:
TNSTC buses from Chennai to Polur depart from the Chennai Bus Stand. This well-known and easily accessible bus terminal in Chennai provides basic amenities such as seating areas, restrooms, ticket counters, and information boards to assist travelers.

Destination Point: Polur Bus Stand:
The Polur Bus Stand serves as the destination point for buses traveling from Chennai. It is a well-equipped bus terminal in Polur, offering convenience and comfort to passengers with facilities like seating areas, restrooms, ticket counters, and information boards.

Traveling from Chennai to Polur by TNSTC bus is a convenient and affordable option. With the provided bus timings, you can plan your journey accordingly. Remember to check for any updates or changes in the schedule before your travel date to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip. Enjoy your journey from Chennai to Polur and have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful destination of Polur!