A Whole New World – Underwater Tunnel Aquarium of Kolkata

Kolkata, a city already rich in culture and history, has added a new jewel to its crown with the opening of the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium in Park Circus. This magnificent creation, inspired by the illustrious Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, is a testament to the city’s continual evolution and commitment to offering unique experiences to its residents and visitors alike.

A Whole New World – Underwater Tunnel Aquarium of Kolkata

Section 1: Overview of the Aquarium

In the heart of Kolkata’s bustling Park Circus area lies a portal to an aquatic marvel – the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium. Its design, a seamless tunnel structure, immerses visitors in a 360-degree underwater spectacle. This architectural wonder not only showcases aquatic life in its natural form but also offers an unparalleled experience of walking ‘under’ water.

Operating daily from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., the aquarium welcomes visitors for a nominal fee of Rs. 100 per head. This strategic pricing ensures accessibility for a wide range of visitors, making it a must-visit destination for families, students, and tourists. The aquarium’s unique presence in West Bengal marks a significant milestone in the state’s tourism industry.

Section 2: The Exhibit

The heart of the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium is its exhibit – a captivating display of marine biodiversity. Visitors are treated to a mesmerizing array of fishes, varying in shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors. This aquatic tapestry includes both exotic species from distant seas and familiar ones from local waters, providing an educational journey through the underwater ecosystem. The initial operational phase is slated until November 27, 2023, with a promising outlook for extension, depending on the flow of visitors and public interest.

Section 3: The Fascination with Underwater Life

The enchantment of underwater life has long captivated humans, from ancient mariners to modern-day marine biologists. This fascination stems from the ocean’s mysterious depths, home to a world vastly different from our own. The Underwater Tunnel Aquarium brings these hidden wonders to the surface, allowing visitors to walk amidst them, separated only by glass. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the enigmatic beauty of the ocean and understand why it has been the subject of countless researches and explorations.

Section 4: Inception and Development

The inception of the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium is a story of vision and ambition. Spearheaded by the Uddipani Club of Park Circus, the project represents a significant leap in Kolkata’s entertainment and educational offerings. The club’s chairman, Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, inspired by the grandeur of underwater aquariums in Dubai and Singapore, envisioned bringing a slice of this wonder to Kolkata.

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Dhawan shared, “The moment I stepped into the Dubai aquarium, I knew Kolkata deserved something as magical. It was a dream that I believed could be turned into reality.” This dream was brought to fruition through a collaboration with Neel Entertainment from Kerala, known for their expertise in creating similar experiences in Hyderabad. The journey from conception to realization spanned three months, navigating through various challenges, including a significant delay from its intended launch during Durga Puja.

Section 5: Challenges and Achievements

Setting up the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium was no small feat. The journey, marked by significant challenges, began with the vision of bringing an unparalleled underwater experience to Kolkata. The most notable challenge was the delay in opening, initially planned around the festive Durga Puja season. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the launch was pushed back by 25 days. Despite these setbacks, the team’s dedication over three months of meticulous planning and execution paid off. The aquarium stands as a testament to their hard work and passion for bringing this dream to reality.

Section 6: Visitor Experience and Reception

Since its inauguration, the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium has seen a diverse group of visitors, from excited schoolchildren to curious adults. “It’s like stepping into a different world,” shared one visitor, reflecting the awe and wonder experienced by many. The aquarium has not only become a popular spot for locals but also attracts visitors from across the state, enhancing Kolkata’s reputation as a city of diverse attractions. The positive reception and growing popularity among various age groups highlight the aquarium’s universal appeal.

Section 7: The Educational and Environmental Aspect

Beyond being a source of wonder and entertainment, the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium serves an educational purpose. It offers an up-close view of marine life, inspiring a deeper understanding and appreciation for these creatures. The aquarium also plays a role in promoting environmental awareness, emphasizing the importance of marine conservation and the impact of human activities on ocean life.

Section 8: Future Prospects

Looking to the future, the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium holds immense potential for expansion and further development. There are possibilities for introducing new exhibits, interactive sessions, and educational programs, further cementing its role in Kolkata’s cultural and educational landscape. The aquarium could become a hub for marine research and conservation efforts, contributing significantly to the study and preservation of aquatic ecosystems.

Additional Information

For more information about the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium, including upcoming events and special educational programs, visitors can contact [contact details] or visit [website URL].


The Underwater Tunnel Aquarium in Kolkata is more than just an attraction; it’s a bridge between the mystical underwater world and our urban lives. It offers a unique blend of entertainment, education, and environmental awareness, making it a beacon of Kolkata’s forward-thinking and innovative spirit. As visitors walk through this underwater passage, they experience the magic of the ocean’s depths, bringing the mysteries of aquatic life to the forefront in the heart of the city.