How Old Was Secretariat When He Won the Triple Crown


Secretariat was a remarkable racehorse known for his exceptional speed and dominance on the racetrack. He captured the hearts of millions with his breathtaking performances, particularly when he achieved the historic feat of winning the Triple Crown. In this article, we will delve into Secretariat’s age at the time of his Triple Crown victory and explore the significance of this incredible accomplishment.

How Old Was Secretariat When He Won the Triple Crown

Secretariat: A Legendary Racehorse:

Before diving into Secretariat’s Triple Crown win, it’s crucial to understand the extraordinary nature of this legendary racehorse. Secretariat was born on March 30, 1970, at Meadow Stable in Doswell, Virginia. His sire was Bold Ruler, a prominent racehorse himself, and his dam was Somethingroyal. From the moment Secretariat stepped foot on the track, his immense talent was evident.

The Triple Crown: A Coveted Achievement:

The Triple Crown is a prestigious honor bestowed upon a three-year-old Thoroughbred who emerges victorious in three of the most esteemed races in American horse racing: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. Winning the Triple Crown is an arduous task, as it requires not only exceptional speed but also endurance and consistency.

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Secretariat’s Triple Crown Victory:

Early Life and Training:

Secretariat’s journey towards the Triple Crown began long before his momentous victories. He underwent meticulous training and development under the guidance of his trainer, Lucien Laurin, and his experienced jockey, Ron Turcotte. Their partnership played a vital role in Secretariat’s growth as a racehorse.

1973 Triple Crown Campaign:

In 1973, Secretariat embarked on his Triple Crown campaign, aiming to conquer the three races that define the pinnacle of Thoroughbred racing. The journey would test his mettle and solidify his place in history.

Kentucky Derby Triumph:

On May 5, 1973, the Kentucky Derby unfolded at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Secretariat, ridden by Ron Turcotte, showcased his exceptional speed and surged ahead of his competitors, winning the race with a record time of 1:59 2/5. His performance left spectators in awe and set the stage for what was to come.

Preakness Stakes Victory:

After his resounding Kentucky Derby triumph, Secretariat set his sights on the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown. The race took place on May 19, 1973, at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. Once again, Secretariat demonstrated his dominance, securing a victory and setting another record time of 1:53.

Belmont Stakes Dominance:

The final and most demanding leg of the Triple Crown awaited Secretariat at the Belmont Stakes on June 9, 1973, at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. In this grueling 1.5-mile race, Secretariat displayed sheer brilliance and unparalleled stamina. He obliterated the competition, winning by an astounding 31 lengths and completing the race in a record-breaking time of 2:24.

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Secretariat’s Age During the Triple Crown Win:

At the time of his Triple Crown victory, Secretariat was a three-year-old racehorse. The Kentucky Derby took place on May 5, 1973, just a little over a month after his third birthday. This is a significant factor to consider, as the Triple Crown is exclusively open to three-year-old Thoroughbreds, making Secretariat’s achievement all the more remarkable.

Impact and Legacy:

Secretariat’s triumph in the Triple Crown resonated far beyond the world of horse racing. His remarkable performances captivated the public and brought Thoroughbred racing into the mainstream spotlight. Secretariat’s legacy endures to this day, inspiring future generations of horse racing enthusiasts and setting an incredibly high bar for future champions.


Secretariat’s age at the time of his Triple Crown win was three years old. His victories in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes marked a defining moment in the history of horse racing. Secretariat’s unparalleled speed, endurance, and dominance have solidified his place as one of the greatest racehorses of all time.


What is the Triple Crown?

The Triple Crown is a prestigious honor awarded to a three-year-old Thoroughbred who triumphs in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

Who is the oldest horse to win the Triple Crown?

Affirmed, who won the Triple Crown in 1978, is currently the oldest horse to achieve this remarkable feat. He was three years old at the time, like all Triple Crown winners.

Did Secretariat have a successful racing career besides the Triple Crown?

While Secretariat’s Triple Crown victory is his most iconic accomplishment, he had a successful racing career overall. He won numerous other races and set several records throughout his career.

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How many Triple Crown winners have there been?

As of the writing of this article, there have been 13 Triple Crown winners, with Secretariat being one of them.

Are there any horses related to Secretariat still racing today?

Some of Secretariat’s descendants continue to race today, showcasing his enduring influence on the sport. However, it is essential to note that the racing careers of horses can vary greatly.