Umang Tewari (Founder of BigFish Ventures) Wiki, Age, Mickey Mehta

Umang Tewari: BigFish ventures began in 2002 when a UK MBA student returned to Delhi with a motivation to change people’s and corporate dining experiences.

Garam Dharam, OTB Café (Out of The Box), The Vault Cafe, Station Bar Raas etc. are the names associated with BigFish.

Umang Tewari (Founder of BigFish Ventures) Wiki, Age, Mickey Mehta

Umang Tewari (Founder of BigFish Ventures) Wiki, Age, Mickey Mehta

All about Umang Tiwari:

  1. Hobbies: Renovating food and nightlife experience for better.
  2. Wife: Pooja Tewari.
  3. Office Address : Tewari house, 11/8-B, 1stFloor, Pusa Road– 110005, New Delhi.
  4. Office Number:+91-9717250223.
  5. Email ID:
  6. Facebook Profile:
  7. Twitter Handle:
  8. LinkedIn Profile:
  9. Founded: Big Fish Ventures in 2015.
  10. Also Worked at: Club Owner since 2007 (Self-employed).

Umang Tewari success story:

Umang Tewari owns about ten stores across India, a series of restaurants in Delhi. His passion is to observe eating habits and find opportunities to improve existing food business models.

He is an entrepreneur and a businessman who runs his business offering a place to hang out and think out of the box from other professionals.

While keeping in mind the inconsistency of food patters, the range provided at the stores he owned was chosen.

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Every moment you’re not going to eat a pizza, even if you enjoy it; the same goes for every dish served.

The junction was therefore one concept where Umang chose to bring together diversity. Junction was therefore one idea where Umang decided to bring together diversity.

Every restaurant/food outlet has a theme. He knows that to the ace food industry; it takes more than good food.

You must offer a reason for the crowd to ditch every other restaurant in their neighbourhood and take the pain of driving to your destination.

Umang clearly states that he took ten years learning, experimenting and researching for the recipe of a successful food-business venture.

He stepped in only when he knew he was prepared. He has been making huge plans since 2002 but waited until 2015 to launch BigFish.

Inspired by the idea’s youth bring along with them, he is motivated to take his food on the international scale.

He knows and has put to practice his belief that for a successful food business other factors like location, ambience, the dynamics, the quality and hygiene also play a great role.

He wishes not to restrict his dream by limiting the outlets to India, rather he aims at creating an impact worldwide and offers an opportunity to those who have tasted only the Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Continental the finest flavours of Indian delicacies.

Facts of Umang Tewari:

  1. Awarded as a Best Restauranteur 2017, Umang has a plan of taking the numbers up to 40 in the list of restaurants owned by him.
  2. He has received several awards including
  3. The Best Restaurateur of the Year conferred upon him by our Ex-Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh,
  4. Award for the Most Creative Restaurant Chain – Big Fish Ventures in Dubai.
  5. Youth Icon Restaurateur by Franchise India
  6. Best debut award by Times food Nightlife Guide 2016 for Junkyard café. (the most prestigious of all in India).
  7. In 2016, BigFish also launched a mobile application since Mr Tewari wants especially to cater to the millennial.
  8. Umang wishes to create a social feedback community to know what works for the audience and whatnot.
  9. Over six thousand customers connect with BigFish app every month.
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