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Tushar Silawat – Tushar Silawat is a popular Instagram and tik tok star. He has recently completed the Milestone Tik Tok Profile by 5 Million fans. He also has a 50k subscriber Youtube channel. In young boys and girls, he is very famous. He is famous for synchronizing his lips. He is very popular at a young age due to his comedy and entertaining videos. He is also invited as chief guest by the famous face.

Tushar Silawat

Born in Indore, India, on 4 November 2000. He is now 19 years old as early as 2023.

Tushar Silawat’s girlfriend is Purami Bhargava, a renowned tik tok star and if you would like to know more about her, please tell us by way of a comment rather than post a separate blog on her.

Physical Appearance:

He looked good. One of the slimmest young Muser is known to be. Between girls, he’s becoming extremely famous. He has the personality of the Chocolate hero. It weighs about 5’7” and weighs about 54 kilograms. Learn Construct has it. His eyes are Black and his hair Black.

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Tushar Silawat Wiki/Biography

Tushar Silawat came into being in the state of Indore, on 2 June 2002, in Madhya Pradesh, India, and is now 18 years age at Tushar Silawat. Tushar Silawat completed the Unfinished and Not Completed Private School of Indore. He is a young TikTok Star.

Tushar Silawat begins his career on Tik Tok when he was in 9th class, the start on TikTok is very late, but on time he gets a good amount of followers on TikTok and he’s a very nice Charming boy and the girl’s followers are high compared to boys, Tushar Silawat and Purabi Bhargava job in Videos is like Audience and they both get instant success in Tik Tok and YouTube.

Facts regarding Tushar Silawat:

  1. Over 5 million fans follow him on tik tok.
  2. His Instagram page includes nearly 500k followers.
  3. He also has a YouTube channel called Tushar Silawat Vlogs where he uploads very interesting blogs and lifestyle videos full of entertainment.
  4. Sebastian manages his Instagram account.
  5. He has many earning outlets such as his tube page, Instagram profile, and his tik tok page due to his large and massive follow-up following.
  6. Tushar Silawat likes riding a bike and he loves flying.
  7. Tushar Silawat is a very shy boy in real life, but in videos, he doesn’t show his shyness.
  8. Tushar Silawat gained from Tik Tok and Sponsorship 1 to 2 losses per month.
  9. Tushar Silawat and not Smoke.
  10. Tushar Silawat and Purabi Bhargava People do not understand whether they are a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a brother or sister.


Tushar Silawat, one of the most famous TikTok stars in India, has 5.5M+ followers on TikTok. Instagram with more than 713K+ followers is also famous for the lip synchronization feature, where he regularly posts lifestyle and stylish images.

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