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Top 10 Greatest Taekwondo Players in the World 2023 – Taekwondo is a fundamentally logical Korean conventional military expression. In this, two players beat each other utilizing their kick. Taekwondo was created in the 1940s and 1950s by Korean military specialists with involvement in military expressions such as karate, Chinese military expressions.

Nowadays in this article, we have collected the list of the best 10 World Taekwondo players beneath a 68 kg belt. Taekwondo comprises a head kick, a bouncing kick, and a quick kick. This craftsmanship was designed in 1945 after World War II.

The amusement is played unshod, wearing a white dobok (a kind of coat). The protective cap is utilized to ensure the head, which is called Homayun, and the cushioned coat that ensures the stomach is called Hogu. Taekwondo made it is making a big appearance as an exhibit Olympic don at the 1988 Seoul Diversions and got to be an official decoration don at the 2000 Sydney Recreations.

Top 10 Greatest Taekwondo Players in the World 2023 - Biographyly

Top 10 Taekwondo Players

Steven Lopez

One of the most prominent competitors of the USA, Steven Lopez is without a doubt the most prominent taekwondo player of all time. And his deed of prevailing the Taekwondo World Championship for a document 6 instances made a distinction him to recognize that put.

He completed the bronze award at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, And after, that he received the gold ornament two times constantly on the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympics. Lopez received the Dish American Recreations in 1999 and 2003. Other than that, he too completed the bronze on the 2015 Container American Diversions in Toronto.

Lopez secured the gold awards on the 1996 and 1998 Skillet American Championships. In addition, he furthermore secured a silver ornament and a bronze medal on the Taekwondo Terrific Prix.

Hadi Saei

Hailing from Iran, Hadi Saei truthfully deserves the instant placed inside the listing of the maximum distinguished taekwondo gamers of all time. He is the various few competition ever to realize Olympic gold medals for Iran.

He carried out the bronze grant interior at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and after that accomplished the gold enhancements on the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics. Saei accomplished gold grants, a silver, and a bronze award interior the Taekwondo World Championship. Other than that, he as well accomplished the gold on the 2002 Busan Asian Diversions and a bronze award on the 2006 Doha Asian Preoccupations.

He, as well, accomplished the gold medal at the 2006 Asian Championships in Bangkok.

Chu Mu-yen

His compatriots nevertheless admire him as one of the principal fruitful Taiwanese competitions of all time. He’s done the gold ornament inside the 2004 Athens Olympics. And through doing that, he was given to be the instant competitor and first male to win the Olympic gold for his country in taekwondo.

Mu-yen at that factor too performed the bronze award at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He has frequently battled with larger and greater grounded people inside the fly class and has seemed the coarseness to confront any rival.

He furthermore consists of a global championship and a WTF World Glass to his name.

Hwang Kyung- Seon

At the wide variety of 3 spots inside the listing of the beat 10 high-quality taekwondo gamers of all time, we’ve Hwang Kyung-Seon.

Hailing from South Korea, she verified that sexual orientation has not anything to do with taekwondo due to the fact it’s far from the hard paintings that yield the result.

Separated from Hadi and Steven, she is the because it has been taekwondo participant to finished 3 Olympic recreations.

After conducting the bronze award at the 2004 Athens Olympics, she secured the gold award two times constantly inside the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics.

Dubbed because the maximum great lady taekwondo participant ever, Kyung-Seon gained gold decorations and bronze inside the Taekwondo World Championships. Other than, she furthermore finished the gold medal  on the 2006 Doha Asian Diversion

Cha Dong-min

Cha Dong-min is a retired South Korean taekwondo professional. He may be a heavyweight class professional who has secured gold awards at Olympics, Asian Championships, and East Asian Recreations besides a silver at World Championships.

In 2008, he received the gold award in the +80 kg class on the Beijing Olympic Recreations. Cha Dang at that factor received a bronze medal in the identical class on the 2016 Rio Olympics, and proper after this accomplishment, he said his retirement from global competitions.

Joel Gonzalez

He is one of the major powerful taekwondo gamers to have advanced from Spain and has prevailed every opposition in his life.

He is instances World Winner,  instances European Winner, conjointly were given his Olympic gold in 2012 in the fifty-eight kg category. Gonzalez performed the bronze award on the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Recreations. Other than that, he too performed a bronze medal in the 2015 Baku European Recreations.

He has too earned acclaim from the media after winning the bronze award on the 2015 Gwangju Universiade.

Moon Dae-sung

Players like Moon Dae-sung, Cha Dong, and Hwang South Korea have won the foremost number of medals in Taekwondo at the Olympic Diversions. Other than his Olympic bequest, Moon Dae-sung too made his name as a World Winner, Asian Recreations victor, and Asian Championship champ.

He battled in a heavyweight category and utilized his tallness of 1.91 meters to overpower his adversaries.

Other than worldwide competitions, he ruled the household taekwondo competitions with his famous cleared-out leg roundhouse kick and cleared-out leg back kick.

Sebastian Crismanich

Coming from Argentina, he is respected as certainly considered one of the maximum prominent competitors in his nation.

Crismanich has moreover earned notoriety because it was Argentina’s competitor ever to win a personal Olympic gold award given that 1948. Other than that, he is additionally the primary competitor to win a decoration for Argentina at Taekwondo. His records scripting win came amid the 2012 London Olympics.

He has moreover received the 2011 Dish American Diversions. It appears his entire own circle of relatives has taekwondo aptitudes in their qualities as his brother, Mauro Crismanich, too received the World Taekwondo Championships bronze award in 2009.

Carlo Molfetta

He is not just the maximum prominent Italian Taekwondo competitor, however to one of the maximum distinguished inside the world. He has, by and large, battled inside the lightweight, middleweight, and featherweight class. And, he gained gold awards in every class at the global competitions that he has ever taken a hobby in.

His top victory got here while prevailing the gold award on the 2012 London Olympics. Other than that, Molfetta too gained 2 silver awards and a bronze medal at Taekwondo World Championships. Besides, he too packed away gold and a silver medal on the European Taekwondo Championship.

Servet Tazegul

We have got Servet Tazegul at 4th placed Other than his ubiquity as one of the main Taekwondo competitions, he additionally made his identity one of the major fruitful Olympic competitions of all time.

He has done gold and a bronze medal in the Olympic Games as of 2023. Other than that, he has to done gold and a bronze medal in the Taekwondo World Championships.

Tezegul finished the gold award in the Taekwondo European Championships 5 instances until presently. Other than that, he furthermore secured the bronze in the 2015 Taekwondo Terrific Prix in Manchester. In 2013, a multipurpose indoor stadium advanced in Mersin become named in his honor.

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