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Suman Ranganathan is the Bollywood actress of India. Suman Ranganathan is one of the best Indian Models who appears in most of the Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, and Hindi Movies, and that is why she is the most versatile actress.

Suman Ranganathan was born on 26th July 1947 and now Suman Ranganathan 45 years old but still maintain her lifestyle and also performs well. Suman Ranganathan is from Bangalore and Bangalore is the hometown of Suman Ranganathan.

Suman Ranganathan

Suman Ranganathan

Suman Ranganathan is one of the famous and popular stars of the Kannada film industry, the movie called sidling was the best movie of her entire career and Suman Ranganathan also won the Film fare award for that film which is released in the year 2012.

Personal life of Suman Ranganathan:

Suman Ranganathan was in the relationship with the Indian actor Rahul Roy, they both also live in together. This couple decided to get married, but sometimes they split. Even after break up with Rahul Roy, they both remain good friends.

Suman Ranganathan was very open-minded about her past life. A few years later, Suman Ranganathan got into a relationship with the Uru Patel, who is the businessman and but this relationship has not continued for a long time. After all this drama, Suman Ranganathan decides to marry Gautam and both married on 28th December in 2000.

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Movie carrier of Suman Ranganathan:

At the very starting, Suman Ranganathan was Model; she also worked as the Model and began to try the films after that. Suman Ranganathan made her acting debut in the Hindi Movie in 1987, and the name movie was Ankhon Mein Tum Ho. After that, she also shares her screen with Aishwarya Roy in Aa Ab Laut Chale movie.

Suman Ranganathan works on the Kannada and Bengali movies a lot, and in Hindi Industry, she made few famous roles. She was the Model, so she also performs the dances on the Item songs.

Suman Ranganathan very focused on the Kannada movies, and from 2008 to 2013, she performed in 13 films, and all are the best movies. Suman Ranganathan made a notable role son the Savaari and Sidlingu movie.

Savaari is one of the most successful movies of her. Suman Ranganathan was also nominated for the best-supporting actress role, and after that, she also gets the different scripts, and Suman Ranganathan also performed well in the comedy movies.

Social media of Suman Ranganathan:

Suman Ranganathan also activated on her social media account like Facebook and Twitter. In this platform, she shares the updates and the daily routine and photos of her. Suman Ranganathan also interacted with her fans.


As getting this information, you will get to know about the Suman Ranganathan. Suman Ranganathan was Model also, and she has the best background as all supported her to make a career in the modeling and acting.

Suman Ranganathan also played negative roles, and Suman Ranganathan is very fluent in talking as she knows more than five languages.

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