Who is ROBERT HART? Is Kevin Hart Alive or Dead?

ROBERT HART – Robert Hart: Who Is He? Robert is the eldest brother of Kevin, an incredibly talented artist who has made a name for himself in the entertainment sector. As accomplished and well-known as Kevin is, many people may be familiar with him and his relationship with his brother. Robert is well-known for being the best pool player, in addition to being Kevin’s brother. Robert, like Kevin, was raised by a single mother and his sibling.



The family has been through a lot because their father was a drug addict who had a lot of legal issues. Robert grew up and joined the gang at his high school. He became involved in gang fighting and began peddling drugs.

Family Life of Robert Hart

Robert Kenneth Hart, a pool player, was born on September 19, 1971, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was raised by a single mother and father. Furthermore, Henry Witherspoon, Robert Hart’s father, was a cocaine addict who had a string of legal issues. The latter was a rare occurrence in his life.

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Nancy Hart, Robert Hart’s mother, did her best to nurture her sons and granted him complete independence in particular. She forgives him for all of his misdeeds and errors. This kind of parenting, however, quickly proven to be ineffective. During high school, Robert joined a gang.

As a result, he began peddling drugs and getting involved in gang fights shortly after. In addition, the adolescent attempted to steal a pocketbook from an elderly woman. As a result, he gradually drifted away from both his mother and younger brother.

What is Robert Hart’s profession?

While his brother is a stand-up comedian who performs at sold-out stadiums, Hart has chosen sports as a career. Kevin Hart’s younger brother is a professional pool and billiards player who is sponsored by TC Bandages and Predator Cues, among other companies. Given that the average professional pool player earns $50,000 per year, and that some estimate Robert’s net worth to be $2 million, he is probably one of the game’s wealthiest players. In the World Pool-Billiard Association’s list of players, he is rated 209th.

Robert Hart’s Salary And Earnings

In both his personal and professional lives, the athlete has made significant progress. He’s also competed in a number of pool events over the years. As a result, Robert Hart’s net worth is primarily made up of earnings from his pool career. It does, however, contain his earnings from prize money, sponsors, and other sources.

Predator Cues and TC Bandages are now sponsoring the pool player. On his social media platforms, he frequently promotes their items. In addition, it contributes to Robert Hart’s earnings.

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When it comes to a successful profession, Kevin Hart, Robert Hart’s brother, is one of the most well-known comedians in the world. He makes a lot of money from his movies, products, endorsements, and other things. Furthermore, the actor’s annual revenue from touring is projected to exceed $70 million.

Kevin Hart’s net worth is $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He is one of America’s highest-paid comedians.

Kevin Hart’s brother, Robert, on the other hand, is doing well in his work and earning a lot of money. So, let’s have a look at Robert Hart’s sources of income.

Is Kevin Hart’s story about his older brother true?

Some of the series “True Story” is based on Kevin Hart’s real-life experiences, but most of it is dramatized to improve the storyline.

It is depicted in the series how his older brother nearly destroyed his career, which isn’t totally accurate. During their travel, his brother encountered some difficulties.

Kevin’s brother Robert was a troubled child who used to hang around with gangs and sell drugs on the streets.

Kevin describes how after his brother attempted to rob an elderly woman, his mother, Nancy Hart, brought him to court and demanded emancipation, eventually excluding him from the family.

However, before their mother died in 2007, and after learning from his experiences, Robert appeared to rebuild his relationships with both his brother, Kevin and his mother.

Despite the fact that author Eric Newman has mostly fabricated the narrative, there are some components of the story that are true to Kevin Hart’s life.

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  1. Is Robert Hart Kevin Hart’s brother?

Robert Hart, Kevin Hart’s older brother, is a well-known actor.

  1. What does Robert Hart, Kevin Hart’s brother, do for a living?

He is currently a professional pool player and is sober. TC Bandages and Predator Cues sponsor him, and he has competed in various events.

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