Ritu Dhawan Age, Family, Wiki, Daughter, Father, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Ritu Dhawan Age, Family, Wiki, Daughter, Father, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Ritu Dhawan is India TV’s present CEO and Executive Director. The office address is Broadcast Centre India TV, B-30, Sector- 85, Noida- 201305, Uttar Pradesh.

History of India TV:

Ritu Dhawan and Rajat Sharma started India TV on May 20, 2004, just two days before the end of BJP’s administration (On May 22, 2004).

India TV is the channel of a company named Independent News Service.

Ritu Dhawan Age, Family, Wiki, Daughter, Father, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Ritu Dhawan Age, Family, Wiki, Daughter, Father, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Independent TV Channel history:

Ritu Dhawan and Rajat Sharma established the Independent News Service in 1998. It’s one of the country’s largest media players.

Independent News TVs estimated at approximately 800 crores INR today.

The love story of Ritu Dhawan:

The love tale of Rajat Sharma and Ritu Dhawan began when the show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ began. This was the show’s producer during their days of Zee TV and Ritu Dhawan.

Although through a common accomplice they knew each other, the show meant they spent long periods of time together.

Ultimately, both of them thought that their partnership could be furthered, and that’s how the journey of this couple began.

“We were working closely and we used to spend lots of time together. There was a mutual trust that developed over time in between us which eventually took shape into what you see today, an unbreakable bond that we fondly call it,” they both said.

They introduced the first personal news bulletin on television in India in 1995. And two years later, Rajat and Ritu decided to set up their own Independent News Service manufacturing house.

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This is still the parent corporation owned by India TV.

They introduced India TV eventually in 2004. Janata ki Adalat’ turned into ‘Aap ki Adalat.’

How often do disagreements crop up in their partnership?

“Disagreements, I would say, are the flavour of our life. How on earth without disagreements can two people discuss anything? Without disagreements, the room for dialogue will become too small and sooner or later be smothered. The slight difference of opinion keeps us going. Dealing with it is fun. Especially with the shared trust and respect for each other, it becomes easier. We take opinions on almost everything, respect them but yet decide as per individual wisdom,” said Ritu Dhawan.

Madly in love, they love all about each other and when asked what they love most about each other, they couldn’t decide on any one thing.

“Well, I love everything about her – as a person, as a professional, as a partner in life, just about everything,” said Rajat Sharma.

Adding to the feeling a little bit, Ritu added, “Well, I feel like ditto for him, but I’d add a little more – I also enjoy his undying spirit for excellence and achievement and his incomparable capacity to remain humble.”


A lot more information about Ritu Dhawan is not available related to her age, family background, her past and the career.