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Narendra Modi – The full name of Narendra Modi is Narendra Damodardas Modi. Narendra Modi is a Politician and the current PM of India. He successfully manages all the work.

Narendra Modi was also the Chief Minister of Gujarat from the year of 2001 to 2014. Narendra Modi also involved in the Parliament for Varanasi. The birthdate of Narendra Modi is 17th September 1950. Currently, he is sixty-nine years old, and his birthplace is Vadnagar.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi has grown up in a town in north Gujarat, and he spends lots of time in the library, so very less time he goes to school.

When Narendra Modi at his young age then he and Narendra Modi’s brother started to sold tea near a bus stand to help out. As Narendra Modi spent most of his time in the library, so he was also known as the strong and best debater.

Narendra Modi provides the best laws and other governmental services, and he also represents India in different countries in good form.

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Educational details of Narendra Modi:

In the year of 1978, Narendra Modi received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the school of Delhi. He graduated with a third-class position. He also studied at Universities. Modi studied at the Gujarat University, University of Delhi.

The political career of Narendra Modi:

As Narendra Modi dedicated his whole life to politics in Gujarat, he joins the RSS in the year 1971, and from 1975 to 1977, when the political crisis arrives, the PM Indira Gandhi announced the state of emergency and started to ban political organization like RSS organizations.

After 1987, Narendra Modi took part in the BJP. BJP stood for the Hindu career. After that, Narendra Modi started to privatizations of all over businesses, small governments, and Hindu Values.

After that, in the year 1995, Narendra Modi was elected in BJP national secretary as a position.

Real NameNarendra Damodardas Modi
Date Of Birth17 September 1950
ParentsDamodardas Mulchand Modi & Hira Ben Modi
WifeJashoda Ben Chimanlal Modi
Marriage Date1968
Height170 cm
SiblingsBrothers- Soma,Amrut,Prahlad,
Sister- Vasantilal

Elected as Prime Minister:

In the year 2013, in June, Narendra Modi was selected to start and ruled the BJP’s 2014 election group or party. In May 2014, Narendra Modi and his party took over 282 of the 534 seats in the Lok sabha.

After the 60 years of the INC, which is controlled the country politics, Narendra Modi starts to take control of the Politics.

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Meanwhile, a new deadly virus called coronavirus it’s starting pointing the china central. Narendra Modi tries to manage this situation by taking care of all governments, soldiers, and Indians.

He decided to follow the lockdown for a few weeks to control this coronavirus chain and outbreak. Everybody compliments his decision because, as compared to other countries, Prime Ministers, the decisions and laws which are taken by the Narendra Modi were perfect and helpful.

So Narendra Modi successfully manages all the work and decisions of India and try to perform best to get rid of this deadly Virus.


As Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India, he tries to manage and control the political issues, and he is one of the best Prime Minister of India.

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