Jordan Mccann, who is he? Did he attack Thomas Hughes in prison?

Jordan Mccann, who is he? Jordan Mccann is a well-known gangster rapper who has been seen in films involving drugs, weapons, and other acts of violence. He has a YouTube account where he has polished a number of videos related to the topics discussed above. He also published a song, “Lifestyle amassed,” which has received over 1.7 million views. And, as a result of his misdeeds, he was imprisoned in March of 2023. As a result of the smuggling of cannabis and cocaine, he was sentenced to prison.

Jordan Mccann

Jordan Mccann

He’s also well-known on social networking sites. He maintains an Instagram account with 210k followers. His Instagram account is clogged with photos of him with his friends and family.

Jordan Mccann assaulted Thomas and was apprehended.

Jordan Mccann is a professional basketball player. Thomas was assaulted and arrested.

Jordan Mccann is quite active on Instagram, where he shares his latest news with his fans, including images, videos, and upcoming music. He has a sizable fan base on Instagram, with over 210K followers as of 2023.

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Jordan Mccann was freed from prison this year after being involved in a number of issues. He’s been involved in a variety of unlawful actions, including drug charges, sexual assaults, and so on. Now it’s been revealed that he assaulted Thomas Hughes, who was just about to die.

What Crime Has Jordan Mccann Committed? – What Charges Has He Been Charged With?

Jordan Mccann was arrested in March 2023 for possessing cannabis and cocaine. The specifics, however, are not yet accessible. This information comes from a few sources whose veracity cannot be verified.

He is, however, currently incarcerated. On December 16, 2023, he was scheduled to perform an exclusive premiere show. However, the event has been rescheduled, according to his official Instagram profile.

Many of his followers were looking forward to the event, but it appears that he will not be able to attend on that day. As a result, many of his followers have begun to demand that he be released from prison.

People have tweeted about releasing him from prison, and there have been comments on his posts.

More to Know-

He also released a song called “Lifestyle amassed,” which has been seen over 1.7 million times. He is up for a parole hearing, which is causing him to become more well-known around the world. This isn’t his first crime; he’s been involved in a number of incidents and murders. He is out of prison, according to the insider, and has started working for a slick organization. It concentrates. He is constantly working on new material for his CDs and will soon return with new stuff for his fans. He was also charged with sex abuse, and he was detained in 2016 alongside his mother and brothers.

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What Was Thomas Hughes’s Contribution?

On Thursday, Emma Tustin, 32, and Thomas Hughes were found guilty of murdering the defenseless boy after a campaign of “evil” behavior.

On June 16, 2023, Arthur’s father, Thomas Hughes, 29, and her boyfriend were found guilty of manslaughter after his kid had an “unsurvivable brain injury.”

Both are currently receiving lengthy prison sentences, with Tustin facing the possibility of death in custody.

Tustin murdered Arthur while in her exclusive charge at her Cranmore Road home in Solihull.

Is It True That Jordan McCann Assaulted Thomas Hughes In Prison?

Jordan McCann allegedly assaulted Thomas Hughes inside the jail, according to internet rumors. Hughes was held in solitary confinement for his own safety, and rumors claim he is in critical condition as a result of the incident.

Huges was found guilty of manslaughter for inciting his son’s violence and cruelty. Arthur Labinjo Huges, his son, was frequently mistreated, humiliated, and tormented by him. He was convicted of manslaughter and child maltreatment on two counts. On any of the official news sources, there is no mention of the rumors.


  1. Is Jordan McCann going to prison in 2023?

RAPPER Jordan McCann is presently serving a sentence in Manchester after being convicted of narcotics offenses, and he has now been linked to Thomas Hughes’ murderous father.

  1. What is Jordan Mccann’s father’s name?

Jordan McCann’s father, Joseph McCann, is a vicious serial rapist. Joseph McCann is a known Manchester crook who has spent much of his life in and out of prison.

  1. Jordan McCann from Salford, where are you?
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The mother-son duo was part of an 11-person gang from Little Hulton, Salford, that had been hit with ‘gang’ civil injunctions following a series of gang shootings.

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