Jesse Stewart – Who Is Jesse Stewart, The Cold Beer Folk-Punk Star?

Jesse Stewart – Who Is Jesse Stewart, The Cold Beer Folk-Punk Star? Jesse is in his early thirties, according to his appearance. Unfortunately, his date of birth is unknown; nonetheless, he is a well-known Canadian singer. Jesse rose to prominence in 2014 after the publication of his all-time smash cover titled “Cold Beer.” His personal YouTube account hosted the music video.

Jesse Stewart

Jesse Stewart

His other hit songs include Marauder, Sirens Call, Grow Old, Broken in Half When You’re Gone, and many more. The video was put on his Youtube channel and has over 13 million views. Stewart has been AWOL from his Youtube account since the release of his full-length album, Shed Life, through Mile-Ex Records in the year 2019.

He is someone who has amused the public with his music, despite the fact that he did not release a lot of music. However, whatever he did was well received by the people. In the coming days and weeks, we will confirm his death.

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Estimated Net Worth

In 2023, Jesse Stewart’s net worth hits $ 25,000. His average earnings per video range from $ 1,570 to $4,458. His average monthly pay, based on a preliminary estimate, ranges from $ 203,000 to $ 578,000. Stewart also reaps the rewards of item sales from his internet business.


The biography for Jesse Stewart is currently unavailable. He was thirty years old, but he couldn’t remember his exact age or birthdate.

Cold Beer, Marauder, Grove Old, Siren Call When You’re Gone, Broken in Half, and more songs by him are well-known.

The vocalist from Canada was also recognized for performing renditions of popular songs. He preferred to play the eucalyptus for the most part.

Shade live, Stewart’s debut full-length album, was released in 2019 via Mile-Ex Records.

Jesse Stewart’s life story

Jesse Stewart's life story

Teachers at Michelle’s son’s elementary school recognized that he was intelligent for his age, according to Michelle. He was already enrolled in a high school computer class by the fifth grade.

Jesse was always drawn to music, and his grandfather supported him by paying for private guitar tuition.

According to Michelle, he later became obsessed with the Sex Pistols. Jesse wore a lock around his neck and tossed the key away, inspired by the band’s bassist, Sid Vicious. The bolt lasted for years until it finally dissolved.

Jesse traveled extensively with his dog, Arlo, after he left home. The two hitchhiked across Canada twice, getting on passing freight trains on occasion.

Michelle explained, “He didn’t want to live a monotonous existence, like going to a 9-to-5 work.”

During gigs, Arlo would frequently appear on stage, and Jesse even composed a song about her.

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“Not only did Arlo keep him physically warm when he was out on the streets,” his friend Reinelt said, “but she also prevented his heart from freezing over.”

Reactions to the news of Jesse Stewart’s death

Though the manner in which Jesse Stewart died has not been confirmed, many of his fans, associates, and supporters have expressed their condolences on social media platforms.

“RIP to this one,” one of his followers tweeted. I’d been meaning to see him in person for a long time.” “Relaxation in Peace to Jesse Stewart,” said another. I like you, dude, and I wish I had had the opportunity to fulfill you.”

Is Jesse Stewart still alive?

Since the month of March 2023, Jesse hasn’t posted anything on Instagram.

Jesse Stewart’s death is only rumored; in recent years, he has remained low-key and faded from the spotlight; the most recent work heard from him is his album, Shed Life, which was released in the year 2019 during the Covid-19 epidemic, and has a total of ten tracks.

There hasn’t been much said about Jesse Stewart since then. Following Jesse’s disappearance, some admirers began to question if he was still alive. Some Redditors believe he has long since vanished, alleging he traveled to the north and was also accused of attacking a woman.


  1. What made Jesse Stewart famous?

Jesse was able to survive on YouTube advertising revenues as his fan base developed. However, celebrities came at a price. “He made a name for himself by singing a song about drinking beer.

  1. What city did Jesse Stewart call home?
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Stuart died on February 17, 1984, at Jo-Lin Nursing Home in Ironton, Ohio, near his boyhood home. He was 77 years old at the time.

  1. Jesse Stewart plays what kind of instrument?

He’s also one of the few expert players of the waterphone, an experimental percussion device made of bronze rods, steel, and water.

  1. Is Jesse Stewart a native of Canada?

Jesse Stewart is a musician from Canada. After the release of his hit cover song, Cold Beer, in 2014, he shot to prominence (Cry Tunes).

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