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Fun Bucket Bhargav – Bhargav, his ambition was always to be an actor, but he knew that he also had a good ability to write and produce material. Yet his family could no longer financially afford his studies after he finished 10th grade, so he had to leave school. Sometime around 2015, he took up small jobs on films in the Tollywood film industry in Telugu.

He was an extra in a lot of movies and television shows before long, which helped him grow his acting skills. TikTok became a very big deal in this film industry and everybody around him was constantly on it.

Fun Bucket Bhargav

Fun Bucket Bhargav

It reached a point where more TikTok videos than television are viewed by men. He even got into this craze and downloaded it initially because all his friends did. But when he realized the ability of this app to grow an audience, he started to use his marketing skills to become a producer.

He realized that people are responding well to comedy, so that’s my main focus since he was a funny guy of course. He takes inspiration from real-life events and rewrite them for minute-long, connected yet humorous clips in 15 seconds.

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These are stupid things like pranks his friends and he have pulled up or current events like fines rising after the Motor Vehicles Act 2019 (MVA) or a sketch of people clicking girls’ pictures without their consent.

Start of the Career:

He used to make videos only in Telugu when he started. He had 3,50,000 respectable followers, but one day he made a video that featured very basic English. This was a fake video from April Fool’s Day, about a police officer fining him for not having his license and identification papers and not wearing a helmet, but after he charged the police officer, he realized he had all the stuff he wanted. Within two days, it had more than 40 million views and more than two million likes, although the app took it down because it showed someone wearing a police uniform who was against their policies.

For 4.3 million fans, at least 10,000 are trolls, laughing at his presence and secretly looking down at him. He was recently invited to a prestigious premiere of a Telugu movie as a special guest, and he made a video of his performance there.

Although he was happy with his performance, this video was picked out by the trolls and made fun of it, some very hurtful things even said. It used to annoy him before, but now he understood that these are not personal attacks and that they have more to do with the inability of people to understand me, so he learned to brush it off. Whether these people say good or bad things, the way he looks at it makes me more popular and more followers.

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Being a Tik Tok star he is a great inspiration to most of the young individuals who follow him and he also strives for making more and more best videos to get more famous and make fame for his talent.

You can also follow him on Instagram or on Facebook to know the latest videos related information which is going to be posted on social media and you won’t miss any updates from their posts.

For more information, you can visit the portal and watch for their account on Tik Tok as well for entertainment and also to make your day better.