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David Bunmi – Biography, Age, Net Worth, Dating, Wiki

David Bunmi Biography, Age, Net Worth, Dating, Wiki

David Bunmi – Who Is David Bunmi? David Bunmi, a social media influencer and YouTuber, is well-known on the internet. He is also a well-known Instagram personality with a large number of costly followers. David Bunmi is a voguish Instagram personality who is also interested in fashion.

David Bunmi Biography, Age, Net Worth, Dating, Wiki

David Bunmi

David is most known for his comic sketches and parodies, which is why he was able to capture the audience’s attention. He persisted in his profession as a YouTuber and a social media celebrity, and he was fortunate enough to thrive in both.

David is an incredible leading guy who understands how to engage people with his content and influencer role. As a specialist in an obscure fashion, David Bunmi’s youtube channel is known for customer reviews.

Bunmi, David Net Worth & Age

David is 20 years old and was born on October 12, 2000, in Nigeria. He is of Nigerian and Polish origin. David’s family history is still a mystery; he hasn’t revealed anything about his personal life, and he isn’t included on Wikipedia. David’s net worth is unknown, but he was well-off, thanks to his success on social media.

The Career of David Bunmi

Before David became popular, he began iff with an Instagram account on June 28, 2017. Following that, on September 4, 2018, David Bunmi joined YouTube and created his own channel.

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He began to gain popularity and attention for his comedic sketches or parodies on Instagram at a slow pace.

David Bunmi is also a model, as seen by his posting of modeling photos in tracksuits on Instagram, demonstrating his love for fashion. He also referenced fashion and poor jokes in his description on youtube and on Instagram.

He is also a well-known YouTuber in addition to being an Instagram celebrity. His total viewing insights on YouTube have surpassed 2.2 million.

Along with his comic routines, David has a YouTube channel where he assesses the finest and worst products in the UK.

Is David Bunmi in jail?

According to the story, he has been accused of assaulting a girl, and this has been the first page of the news. Jess is the name of the girl who accused him, and she is from London, England. She wrote a post on Twitter in the year 2020, revealing the occurrence. David responded to the post by saying that she is doing it all for the sake of gaining fame and notoriety.

According to current updates, he does not appear to be in jail; however, he has been photographed with his girlfriend on various occasions. There is no confirmation of these charges on the internet or on any official page.

Allegations and Accusations Against David Bunmi

A woman named Jess accused David Bunmi of abuse. She is from London, England, and she tweeted about the incident in July 2020. She disclosed that David had blocked her on Instagram in the tweet, and she even included two photos of the two of them together.

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David Bunmi responded to the charges by claiming that she is only doing it for the fame and that he did nothing without her permission.

Social Media of David Bunmi

David Bunmi has over 228K followers on his official Instagram account. His handle is @davidbunmii, and he uses it to keep his admirers up to date with his current news. He began posting on his Instagram account in April 2018 and has since posted 470 posts.


  1. Who is David Bunmi?

David Bunmi was born in England on October 12, 2000. David, a 21-year-old influencer, is of British descent. David Bunmi was born into a Nigerian and Polish family.

  1. What is David Bunmi’s claim to fame?

David Bunmi is a well-known figure on social media. He is a well-known YouTuber. David is also a well-known Instagram celebrity. He rose to fame for his comedy sketches.

  1. How many views does David Bunmi get per video on YouTube?

On David Bunmi’s channel, the average number of views of each video is roughly 8.7K.

  1. How many YouTube subscribers does David Bunmi have?

On YouTube, David Bunmi has 44.9K subscribers.

  1. What is David Bunmi’s estimated net worth?

David Bunmi’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million (Approx.)

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