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Noor Afshan Aka known as Afshan Rooh is a very famous Indian Tik Tok Star and also a Social Media Influencer in India. Afshan Rooh is known for her Cuteness, Beautiful looks, Style, Smile and Hot personality. There are a large number of Fans of Afshan Noor in India. Afshan Rooh is one of the most beautiful and trending girls on the Tik Tok in India.

Afshan Rooh is mainly famous for her Dance as well as comedy video clips and she also performs Lip-Sync which is rarely anyone can do. Afshan Noor usually shares photos of her fashionable outfits on her Instagram profile.

Afshan Rooh

Afshan Rooh

However, Afshan Rooh has not got the badge of Popular Creator on Tik Tok yet and we hope that soon she will achieve success in that too.

Noor Afshan is only 21 years old and at such a young age she has reached a fan base of millions! Afshan Noor is a resident of Delhi, which is the capital of India! Afshan Noor stuck with Lucky Dancer and performed a duet with Mr. Faisu!

Noor Afshan has a great fan following on social media but as far as the Tik Tok is concerned, she has about 3.7 million followers and counting 56 million hearts on every post she put up on her Tik Tok profile!

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If you talk about Afshan Rooh’s YouTube channel, they’re hiding subscribers on their YouTube channel right now! Now if we’re talking about her Instagram account, Afshan Noor has about 60K followers on Instagram itself! Afshan Noor is an emerging artist, and we hope her fans will grow in the future!

Noor Afshan is single, paying attention to her carer! But if we find the media, Afshan Noor is selling Prabhat Goswami to date, but there’s no evidence of that! Nevertheless, Afshan Noor had never discussed her personal love life and said that he was only a good friend of her!

Noor Afshan success

Noor was interested in acting and dancing. Afshan Noor’s comedy videos included video clips and the acting people liked the video. And her hard work has made her popular. She has over 2.3 million Tik Tok fans and 35.8 million Tik Tok Hearts on video.

Being a Tik Tok star Afshan Noor is a great inspiration to most of the young individuals who follow her and she also strives for making more and more best videos to get more famous and make fame for her talent.

You can also follow Afshan Noor on Instagram or on her Facebook to know all about the latest videos related information which is going to be posted on social media and you won’t miss any updates from her posts.

For more information, you can visit the portal and watch for her account on Tik Tok as well for entertainment and also to make your day better and enjoy her Lip-sync videos as they are the best of all.