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Adnan Shaikh is a popular Indian Tik Tok star. It is also one of the members of Team 07 and besides being a Fashion blogger, it is also a model. He gained immense fame and popularity with the tik tok app through lip-syncing.

A new video of him has recently appeared in front of the media, in which the mob attacked him and he hit him so much that he had to be hospitalized!

Adnan Shaikh

Adnan Shaikh

It is being told that Adnan was returning from his gym with his friend Saddu and was stopped by the public standing there. The public started attacking him without talking and pushed him and started beating Adnan badly, while somehow Saddu survived and stood on the side.

Due to which Adnan was seriously injured and was admitted to a nearby hospital. You can watch the same video below. However, the reason why he attacked them in the crowd is not yet known.

Today there is hardly anyone who walks tik tok and does not know in Adnan or Team 07. If seen, it can be said that the time of these boys, that is, Team 07, is not doing anything special, due to which they keep getting confused in some way or the other!

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Recently, the Tik Tok accounts of all the members of Team 07 were suspended as they took to social media app TikTok But a video was uploaded in which all these members were seen giving a message saying, “The innocent Tabrez was killed, but if the Tabrez’s son grows up and takes revenge, the Muslims are terrorists.” Not to be said and after that, it now sparked another controversy.

Adnan Shaikh Career

Adnan Shaikh also joined Tik Tok and Instagram in 2015 and within a year became followers among his millions. Truth be told, Tik Tok has given a lot to people! Being a fan of millions at such a working age is no small matter!

People take years to achieve such a huge fan base, but there will be hardly anyone whose fans will be made in millions! His parents always spoke to him for studies, but he did not know that his son would become such a big star on the Internet.

Adnan Shaikh Girlfriend

Adnan does not have a girlfriend at the moment, nor have we seen any girl in his videos, whom we can say his girlfriend, nor is there any information available about his girlfriend on the internet!

So, it is difficult to say when an update will come to us about his girlfriend! We will definitely talk to them in the future and we will learn more about them till then you definitely kept following our website!

Adnan Shaikh Favorite

  1. Favorite Actors: Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan
  2. Favorite Actresses: Ananya Pandey, Jhansi Kapoor
  3. Favorite Singers: Arijit Singh
  4. Favorite Colours: Black and White
  5. Hobbies: Biking and Gyming
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